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Psychology Chambers is a clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology consultancy offering professional training, medico legal reporting services, private treatment and corporate consultancy to individuals, solicitors & other legal professionals and corporate clients in the NHS and private sector.

We provide:

  • Professional and corporate training and conference hosting concerning evidence based treatments to the National Health Service, legal and private sector institutions.

  • Medico legal services including expert witness, fitness to plead, capacity and pre-sentencing reports.

  • Leading edge individual psychological treatments effective for a wide range of emotional problems such as panic attacks, worry, depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and neurorehabilitation following post concussive states, head injury and other neurological disease.

  • Direct public seminars and workshops based on current evidence-based treatments by national and international authorities in a variety of mental health and medically related areas.

  • Corporate consultancy concerning health service delivery to NHS and private sector
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