Public Seminars

Many situations in life cause upset. Events as common as relationship difficulties, caring for children and ageing parents, being alone, growing old and pressure at work can cause distress which stays with you and impacts across your life without any obvious solution.

Similarly negative life events such as a death in the family, being mistreated, coping with illness or disability or experiencing a traumatic event can affect your mental health in a crippling way.

Despite the best efforts of the NHS to provide efficient and comprehensive mental health and rehabilitation services public access to effective treatments is very limited. Members of the public can be left to suffer for months and sometimes years on hospital waiting lists or be forced to pay considerable sums in private healthcare without a clear understanding of an individual therapists training and competence.

Our aim is to increase public access to effective treatments for a range of psychological and neuropsychological difficulties.

Psychology Chambers is proud to host self-help seminars and workshops across the span of psychological and neuropsychological difficulties for members of the public. Our seminars are run by highly experienced clinicians with many years consultant grade NHS experience and often with national or international reputations in their fields of expertise.

We host self-help seminars in a variety of areas for example, coping with anxiety and panic, worry, depression, overcoming trauma and post traumatic stress disorder, living with head injury and coping with long term health conditions.

Our seminars aim to teach techniques that are useful in overcoming distress and in helping individuals to cope more effectively. They are run at low cost in accordance with our aim to bring easily accessible effective treatments to a wide range of people.

If you do not see a seminar near you please fill contact us. If there is sufficient interest near you we will do our best to arrange a seminar and let you know.

We are also able to offer individual one to one psychological and neuropsychological treatment. Please see our individual therapy pages for further information